How to Make Hair Healthy and Shiny?

How to Make Hair Healthy and Shiny?

Put it down; your life is as busy as a bee! and you often fail to have that nourishing daycare for all your body’s needs. Be it skin care or hair care, you end up being aghast at not being able to stick to your planned routine of self-care! And it is common! We’ve heard from a slew of women who want to cosset their locks and hide, but due to the monotony of the day, they end up throwing themselves on the bed, gloomily!

So, what do we do? We came up with a solution!

We have attempted to compile a few of the quickest tips for you to achieve the shiny and healthy hair that has been waiting to ooze out! Keep reading to find out what these DIY hair treatment tips are!

Hair Treatment Tips for Shiny and Healthy Hair

Tip# 1: Make a balanced and healthy diet your friend

The hair care routine begins with a commitment, just like anything worthwhile in life. A healthy, balanced diet is the main determinant of hair health. Our hair and scalp receive sustenance from the nutrients we get from our food, such as zinc, iron, biotin, fatty acids, etc.

You must make sure that your diet has all of the necessary vitamins and minerals that your hair needs for maximum development.

Tip# 2: Prep your hair with a premium oil

It’s crucial to moisturise and restore your hair from the inside out. Purchase a thin hair oil that can accomplish the same task for you. You may find that argan oil is the ideal option for you because it not only nourishes your hair but also has other uses.

Tip# 3: The path to shiny and healthy hair is good sleep

The world of today inhabits a different environment. They follow their regular routines, but if this results in bad sleep, it may be an issue. Reduced energy levels, stress, and worsening hair conditions are just a few of the problems that can arise from little sleep.

For many reasons, getting enough sleep is essential. It is in charge of producing your hair’s growth hormones and protein. As a result, you must get enough sleep and rise early.

You may also add jasmine, lavender, or mint oil to your humidifier or cooler to help you fight dryness while also giving your home a pleasant scent.

Tip# 4: Yoghurt is a good conditioner

Only a few people are aware of yoghurt’s advantages for hair. It is beneficial for shine as well as helping you regain the strength that has been lost in your hair. Apply plain yoghurt liberally, beginning with the head. Allow it to sit for at least 20 to 30 minutes after spreading it out evenly and gently.

When it begins to stiffen, wash your hair thoroughly and use a decent shampoo to totally clean your scalp. After washing, you may thoroughly condition your hair by applying a leave-in conditioner.

Tip# 5: Lower the setting on your dryer

Your hair strands may lose moisture if you blow dry them at a higher heat level. They thus become more fragile and drier, making them more likely to shatter. This also applies to other types of heating devices, such as a heating rod, curling iron, straighteners, etc. Therefore, it’s preferable to set it on a low setting so that you may style the hair however you’d like and add more shine.

The dryer’s speed and heat should be kept at a low or medium setting for people with fine hair. However, thick hair can withstand high heat for an extended period of time; it is advisable, therefore, that you use a lower setting. Also, read about how to use coffee for hair growth in this post.

Tip# 6: Say a big no to hot water hair wash

Hot water hair washing removes the natural oils from your hair. Your hair will suffer stress from using water that is too hot, becoming fragile and prone to breakage.

It is among the main causes of hair loss. On the other hand, cold water effectively closes the cuticle of your hair, keeping moisture in. So, while washing your hair, be sure to use cold water. In order to grow accustomed to it, you may also decide to wash your hair with moderately hot water all year long.


The aforementioned hair treatment techniques from your daily routine are what you need right now! Just strictly follow these instructions and you’ll see a significant switch in your hair from frizzy and dry to shiny and healthy!

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