How To Use Coffee For Hair Growth?

How To Use Coffee For Hair Growth?

The first thing that comes into the mind after waking up is coffee. We all love coffee and the strong Aroma of coffee stimulates us with an undefined freshness. How great it would be if we apply coffee on hair. Coffee on hair? Yes, you read it right.

The fine grains of coffee can be applied to your skin and hair as well. The superficial application of coffee promotes hair growth. The key ingredient of coffee caffeine is a miraculous product for promoting hair growth, darkening hair and preventing hair loss.

The application of coffee on hair also provides a unique lustre to hair. Here, in this article, we shall discuss the advantages of using coffee on hair and how one can use coffee for hair growth with some precautions being taken.

Is coffee good for hair?

Yes, coffee benefits your hair in many ways. It imparts essential nutrients and vitamins to the hair and aids in staving off hair loss and also helps in darkening hair. Let’s discuss in detail the benefits of using coffee.

Windfalls of applying coffee on hair

(1) Promoting Hair growth

Hair has matrix cells that divide after every 39 hours. The caffeine in coffee boosts the matrix division and thereby accelerates hair growth. The antioxidants too, reduce water loss and thereby maintain the proper hydration to hair.

(2) Imparting shine to hair

Caffeine also ignites the production of keratinocytes and increasing the blood flow to the hair, thereby imparting a unique shine to the hair.

(3) Preventing hair loss

Hair loss is an issue being faced by many people, be it women or men. Coffee aids in stimulating hair loss, thereby preventing hair loss. The hair follicles also get enough nutrition, thereby increasing in size and length. The caffeine in coffee is very promising for hair.

(4) Darkens hair

The topical application Of coffee also helps in darkening hair colour. All those people who are worried about greying hair should consider applying coffee on hair. It is also a natural way to get a darker hair shade.

How to apply coffee on hair for hair growth?

(1) Coffee rinse

Coffee is your booster dose for hiding grey strands, preventing hair loss and imparting a shine to your hair. Now apply coffee rinse to your hair. You can easily make a coffee rinse at your home in some easy steps.

What is needed?

  • Coffee (brewed and then cooled down) about 4 cups
  • Spray
  • Shower cap to cover

What should you do?

  • Considering the length of your hair, you should pour the cups of coffee into the spray bottle.
    Now you should spray coffee on the length of the hair using the spray bottle.
  • Give a good massage to your hair for a few minutes.
  • Now wear a shower cap to avoid dripping coffee on your clothes.
  • For that extra hydration and silky smooth hair, apply coffee mixed with your favourite conditioner and leave it on your hair.
  • At last rinse/wash your hair using lukewarm or cold water.

(2) Hair mask using coffee

You can make an easy DIY coffee hair mask at home with some simple ingredients. All you need is-

  • Ground coffee-about 2 tablespoons
  • Honey- about 1 tablespoon
  • Olive oil or coconut oil for mixing- about 1 tablespoon.

How to apply a coffee hair mask?

  • You have to mix the ingredients in a bowl and make a smooth paste.
  • Now you have to apply this mixture on the scalp using a brush or hands covered in gloves.
  • Now you have to wrap your hair using a shower cap and leave it for about 20 minutes to witness a miracle.
  • Finally, you have to rinse off the DIY coffee hair mask using lukewarm or mildly hot water.

(3) Caffeine based shampoo

You can use caffeine-based shampoos to provide a fuller look to your hair. These shampoos increase the production of hair follicles and therefore imparts a voluminous appearance to your hair.

(4) Caffeine based conditioner and serum

You should use caffeine based conditioners and serums to remote hair growth and impart a fuller look to your hair most naturally and effectively.

Final Words:

So these were some natural DIY home-based options for getting beautiful and healthier hair at home. However, you must take care of some precautions before using these DIY coffee masks. You should never pour hot coffee on your hair as this might damage your hair. Also, you should always wear a shower cap after the application to avoid your clothes from getting stained by dripping coffee.

So guys we hope that these DIY methods have proved extremely beneficial for you and now you can make use of your morning coffee does to get healthier hair.

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